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The world of OTT (Over the Top) platforms have changed the way consumers have looked at the smartphone as a source of entertainment. What seems small-time viewer engagement over mobile has now acquired huge dimension and it’s potential being unlimited is challenging the status quo of the box office. The OTT players are fast expanding and developing a full spectrum of offerings which earlier used to be separate categories (movie, teleplays, documentaries, theatre, shops, live entertainment, and series) and hence separate verticals within the entertainment industry. A growing number of platforms in India like Hotstar, Voot, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ALTBalaji, provide pertinent logic that digital players are here to stay. It’s expected that the Indian OTT market will touch $5 billion by 2023.

Let’s zero in on a very popular OTT handle in India – Hotstar. It is supposed to be India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than a million hours of entertainment across 17 different vernaculars. It has changed how a modern millennial Indian consumes and experiences entertainment. The control is in the viewer’s hands, the spread…gargantuan and the quality, superb. Consumers term it as edgy, relatable and par excellence. It was launched in 2015 and is India’s one of the most downloadable apps with 350million plus downloads given its evolving rich mix of video streaming offerings. There are 2 unique subscription packages –Hotstar Premium (monthly and annual subscription plans) and Hostar VIP (exclusive access to new shows, multiple languages, introductory offers etc). The journey began with cricket for getting captive audience but quickly offered end to end package.

Consumers love Hotstar because of the streaming videos, quality of presentation and near-zero buffering. Given the advent of Reliance Jio and the disruption it caused to data availability and speed, still, large parts of India are devoid of a steady data connectivity or even if available, may not be so cheap. Hence for such cases, downloading streaming content becomes logical and the only available option. Other reasons include stacking up content before a long haul flight, or catching up on binge-watching while on the commute (data may not be strong all the time). It’s important to mention and note that officially there is no mechanism to download a video from Hotstar particularly a laptop or a desktop. If at all viewers may save, it’s only on the mobile or similar devices. In the same vein, also worthwhile to mention that not all TV show are available for download option. Regional content, old content etc find more favor while trying to download.

Let’s look at the mechanism of downloading Hotstar videos:

How to Download Hotstar Videos

  1. We need to make sure that we are connected to a fast and dependable internet connection
  2. Next, open Hotstar app and browse through the collection
  3. Decide what content one needs to download. Select the content and check out the details. The important point being, the details can be seen if the portrait orientation of the cell phone is activated.
  4. We have discussed that not all content is available for download…so check if the content is available for download. Within the details, an arrow pointing downwards similar to download sign will be there. If it’s not present, the content may not be downloadable and the arrow will be crossed out.
  5. Now that we have been able to locate the arrow pointing downwards, the rest of the steps are simple. We should click on the download option to start.
  6. We shall see three different download options. There is a great amount of variance in the space occupied and the nature of download available – average quality content at low (180p to 190p)may take 300mb of space but the same content at close to high quality (300p) may take 10times that much space. So the choice is up to the user.
  7. Once the content has been downloaded, we may revisit the home page of the Hotstar app and check on the menu option. Once the menu option opens up, my downloads option will be available. One may click on it to view content as well as check download progress in percentage.
  8. Some of the content would be viewed only when the download is complete, so in such cases, it is necessary to wait out. Also, the option to remove the downloadable content is there. The content which has been downloaded also will not be available for sharing with any acquaintance.
  9. The above method is the official way to download Hotstar videos and this is the only way by which one may be assured of copyright and other infringement issues.

Now let’s look at some tricks which shall enable us to download Hotstar videos from PC and also help us to select content not otherwise available.

How to Download Hotstar Videos From PC or Laptop: For this, we need Hotstar Video Downloader and our Command Prompt. Once the software has been downloaded, we shall need the RAR file and will require Hotstar live streamer from the folder extracted. The command prompt which shall open up. The rest again is simple enough to be followed. We need to enter the link of the selected Hotstar video for download and also mention the quality. Once done, we could click on entre. The Hostar video download will be available in the extracted folder.

  1. Over and above these, there are many apps present in the Google store which enable downloading Hotstar videos. No only Hotstar, but also Voot, Youtube, TED talks, etc
  2. Let’s now check out how to download Hotstar videos from IDM.
  3. One needs to have an IDM tool available in the desktop or laptop.
  4. Open IDM-Options-File types-TS-press enter/ok.
  5. Rest is the same as the download option in mobile.
  6. Open Hotstar website and your desired videos to download.
  7. Users shall see an icon at the right corner for download.
  8. One would just need to click that icon and then it’s the same flow.
  9. One can use this method for other videos also from other platforms.

So friends, in this blog we have seen four methods How to download videos from Hotstar.

  • The official way to download Hotstar videos in a cell phone or tablet
  • Downloading Hotstar video through Hotstar video downloader in laptop
  • Multiple apps present in Google store like InsTube, Videoer
  • How to download Hotstar videos from IDM

Hope the above information helps all of you to find your best piece of binge-watching. To all couch potatoes then!