Best Free Plugins to Personalize WooCommerce Store

1) Woocommerce product addons

WooCommerce is for the sale of products and services. Precisely, it makes things affordable and handy. You can sell digital and physical products, manage inventory and shipping, make secure payments and sort taxes automatically. You maintain 100% control over all your data, there is support for mobile devices and the potential to scale your sites is unlimited. WooCommerce is by far the best designed and most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. In fact, it is now the most popular e-commerce solution on all websites, but we do not consider it perfect, we have launched the best plugin to personalize the WooCommerce product page.

Basically, WooCommerce product addons is a plugin which helps the WooCommerce to bring the better experience of submitting the WooCommerce product options and it is helpful to the store management to get more coherent information about the customer.

Why should I use WooCommerce Product addons plugin?

WooCommerce does not customize your products with divergent thinking. So, if you want to be able to custom fields, you’ll need a plugin to help you accomplish this. WooCommerce product addons plugin will help the user to add a variety of WooCommerce product options by using the addon’s features. You can submit the product information in the required field and add-ons additional information will be attached with order details. You can use this WooCommerce addons plugin without subscribing to the premium package. You will get a lot of assistance in free version i.e. Color themes, customer notes, design services, etc.

But if you want to enjoy the ultimate experience then I will suggest you experience the Premium package of WooCommerce add-ons plugin once. In the premium option, you can enable many more features such as pricing options, load field, conditional logic, image picker, and color group, add a logo, images, etc. The Addons add-on incredibly allows your customers to customize their products by adding new options, such as input boxes, drop-down menus or checkboxes. With the extension of product complements, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product that requires user participation is now an option for your customers.

WooCommerce add-ons plugin offers the following benefits in the BASIC Package:

The WooCommerce additional product options plug-in comes with a drag and drop form generator and is compatible with the following form elements:

  • Text field; a normal text input field to collect text data.
  • Number field, it is to accept the number entries.
  • Radio field allows you to select an option among the multiple.
  • The select field is a drop-down menu to choose from the available list.
  • Text area field: for input details longer than a single line.
  • Field Date field (browser dependent) – HTML5 default date picker.
  • Field Color field (browser dependent) – HTML5 default color picker.
  • Hidden Field, the input field for the administrator.
  • Password field: a password entry field for collecting passwords.
  • Email field: HTML5 email field to validate the correct email ID format.

Tag (p) helps to set instructions on WooCommerce Product options using the HTML paragraph tag that accepts basic HTML tags such as anchor, bold, image,etc. moreover, the Header tag is also available to use headings (h1, h2, h3).

WooCommerce add-ons plugin Premium package

WooCommerce product addons plugin has various packages as a premium plugin. It is more helpful and suitable in price as compared to others in the market.

1-year updates:

You will receive updates and assistance for the first year. The plugin would be usable after that, but won’t be getting any of the new updates.

Updates for life:

You will receive all updates that are released the developers and can ensure that the plugin is compatible and working seamlessly with any new update.

This addon increments many features in WooCommerce product options. All the details about package pricing are given on their website in detail.

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Advantages of using WooCommerce Premium

22+ field types: Unlikely to traditional plugins, the WooCommerce addons plugin offer more than 22 custom product fields.

Conditional logic: The customer can take advantage of its conditional logic feature that will assist them to show or hide the fields according to their selection of product.

Fields based on variations: This feature can save the time of the customer and the database of the system from attaining and storing unnecessary information.

Set price for fields: Admin can set price for all the available fields. This can be either a fixed value or a percentage value on the product’s base price.

Custom price formula: This option helps to calculate the price based on a mathematical formula based on various parameters like value input by users, the quantity of product, the base price of a product, etc.

Loading field helps to collect files from users that can be images, videos, documents and anything that is compatible with WordPress.

Multiple selection field allows users to make multiple selections of different WooCommerce product options.

Custom date picker – The date field, date and time fields are available with this add-on. Users can choose the date of the custom design calendar and can also enter the value directly. It is compatible with all browsers.

Time Selector shows a list of time intervals between which the user can select one. This is also compatible with all the browsers.

Google Map Place Selector used by the APIs from Google Places to suggest location as types of users. This feature, on the map provided, helps the user can also select a location. This can be helpful for the user and the seller to find the place very easily and conveniently. This also can be helpful for the company to analyze from which region the customers are approaching them most.

Alignment Grid can now easily align online fields as a grid.

Tip Information about tools and help text: You can configure the help text for each field, which can be displayed as tool information or as text next to the label.

2) Woocommerce Checkout field editor and manager

The second plugin that is really an avoidable one for any Woocommerce store is the free Woocommerce checkout field editor. This is a highly UX oriented free plugin which helps in customizing the checkout fields easily with its drag and drop form builder that can be used to hide or tweak the existing fields in the checkout. There are a lot of features available in this which helps the developers to tweak the checkout field according to their requirement.

3) Woocommerce dynamic pricing and discount rules

Another plugin that really helps the website admins is the Woocommerce dynamic pricing plugins that help in applying bulk discounts based on various rules and parameters that can be set by the admin. So this plugin really helps in cross-selling and upselling as it can offer additional discounts based on parameters like the number of products selected, total cart value, the product from a specific category etc and thus can make an intuitive offer to the users, where it tends them to buy the additional quality of the item. This is also a free plugin and is built with top-class UX, which makes it easier for even a non-techy person to use it.