What is the role of a general surgeon?

General surgeon in Mumbai

There are many reasons why one needs to visit a general surgeon. General surgeons are the specialized surgeons who have the flexibility to work in a variety of settings and they can treat different kinds of patients and medical teams.

A general surgeon who is certified is also expected to know and have proper skills to take care of diseases of patients in case of team-based interdisciplinary care. They also have the knowledge to get through some unique clinical needs.

Though the term is named as general surgery, it is actually a specialized surgery. A General surgeon in Mumbai does not only perform surgeries for a wide range of ailments but at the same time, they remain responsible to take care of the patients even before and after the surgery. That is why; every surgeon must go ahead with their general surgery training surgery first before they focus on any other specialty.

Now one might think that what can fall under the general surgery category? Well, general surgeons mainly take the responsibility of surgery for the following reasons:

  • If surgery is needed in the alimentary tract like esophagus related organs.
  • The contents of abdomens.
  • Issues with soft tissues, skin, and breasts.

Apart from that they also are trained to take part in surgical critical cares, trauma and surgical oncology.

General surgeons are the highly skilled surgeons who can easily operate the abdominal problems like hernias, appendicitis, gallbladder surgeries, intestinal problems, and stomach issues. General surgeons sometimes are also specialized in treating scars from burns and some cancer issues and so they can perform surgery in multiple areas and organs of a human body.

General surgeon in Mumbai

General surgeons can practice different types of surgery and their broad-based education in medical science actually helps them to perform a lot of procedures in their surgical performances. There are also some general surgeons who can pick up some specialties in surgeries later while others concentrate thoroughly on this field.

General surgeons are mostly asked to treat certain kind if patients. They are:

  • Terminally ill patients who include pain management, palliative care, nutritional deficiency and many more. They also treat patients who are suffering from cachexia with some chronic and malignant conditions. These surgeons can also provide some proper counseling to the patients so that they can support those patients who feel vulnerable.
  • They treat some morbid and obese patients who are suffering from metabolic derangements and have gone through a lot of surgical and non-surgical intervention in order to lose weight like bariatric. They do counseling to those patients as well.
  • They are experts in managing those patients who are suffering from any kind of morbid or chronic diseases.

Treating vulnerable patients is the expertise of a general surgeon. So, if a patient is suffering from any kind of health issues and after certain tests, the doctors think that this issue needs a surgical treatment then they transfer the patient to a general surgeon who can take care of the rest.

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