Something that will tell you about the rituals of a Sikh wedding

Punjabi divorce matrimonial

Pre-wedding rituals: The rituals that take place before the wedding ceremony are known as pre-wedding rituals. Some of the pre-wedding rituals are mentioned below:

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  • Rokka: This is a ritual in which all the members of the families of boy and girl meet to make the matches. This is the important ritual that takes place in the wedding of Punjabi and Sikh religion. This is the starting pre-wedding ritual. Therefore, it is followed by the ritual of Shagun.
  • Shagun: This is a ritual in which all the family members gather. All the family members give gifts to the bride and groom to be. In simple words, both the bride and groom are to be showered by the mothers-in-law. This ritual is known by the name of Shagun because all the important things such as clothes, jewelry are gifted to bride and groom.
  • Engagement: In this ritual, the bride and groom wear rings in their hands. This is a ritual that tells the relatives and friends that the bride and groom are going to tie in a relationship soon. Everyone invited to the engagement show their happiness by dancing and singing. This ritual is also known as Mangini.
  • Mehndi/Sangeet: This is a ritual in which the bride and groom apply Mehndi on their hand’s side by side the Sangeet custom also takes place. In Sangeet, all the family members, friends and relatives dance a lot to express their love and happiness.

Punjabi divorce matrimonial

  • Jaggo: On the same day of the Sangeet, Jaggo also takes place. In this ritual, all the members of the family gather and take one pot on their head. The pot is to be filled with oil. Therefore, the oil is collected from the house of nearby relatives. On the other hand, all the people say boliyan and do the dance. This is a ritual full of fun and enjoyment.
  • Haldi: in this ritual, a powdery turmeric paste is applied to the bodies of bride and groom. This is a ritual that takes place on the same day as the wedding. This is a ritual which is very much important in the Indian culture as because in India it is believed that turmeric is the best thing that makes you fairer.

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Post-wedding rituals: The rituals that take place after the wedding ceremony are referred to as post-wedding rituals. Some of the post-wedding rituals are mentioned below:

  1. Biddai: In this custom or ritual, the bride is given a goodbye by her family members as because she goes to her husband’s house. She is sent in a car well decorated with flowers. After that, she is welcomed to her new house.
  2. Welcoming of the bride: The bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law to her new house. She puts oil on the corners and do Puja to welcome the bride.

Reception: This is a party given from the groom’s side to the friends and relatives to tell them the marriage is done.

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