Should you try out Different Food Items?

Bukhara Indian bistro

There are different types of food items that can give you a great time. You can feel really up and rejuvenated the moment you eat these dishes. The best part is that these eatables are absolutely wonderful and scrumptious. Whether you are living in a small two or a metro city; food can make you feel happy and good.

Types of food you should definitely try in Indian cuisine

If you are at a place like Bukhara Indian bistro or an Indian restaurant, then you must always try something new and tasty. There are plenty of dishes that would make you feel really loved and charmed. These dishes are absolutely delicious and heart stealing.


If you are a lover of light but really spicy items then you should not miss out chaats. These chaats are absolutely mouth-watering and fulfilling. Whether you want to eat aalu chaat, tikki chaat and so on there are specialists in chaats that would definitely make you feel good and refreshed.


Of course, you would never dislike any biryani. These rice bowls are full of different spices, ingredients and even chatnis. You can find different options like chicken biryani, vegetable biryani, and beef biryani, mixed biryani and so on. These biryanis are not ordinary rice but the mixture of different spices, herbs, ingredients and so on. If you have never explored different biryanis you should do it now. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian; you can find a huge variety in biryanis.

Bukhara Indian bistro


Then there are plenty of snacks out there that would be a total delight. You can eat different types of tikkis, pau bhaaji, pakodas, kababs, and veg kababs and so on. These are the snacks that will make the short breaks or slots in your day full of tang and joy.

Chicken dishes

Okay so you would not be ready to miss out on chickens too right? Chicken items are also absolutely exciting, relishing and full of spices. There are different options like chicken kabab, chicken soup, chicken tikka, chicken biryani, chicken curry, chicken chilli, and chicken pakoda and so on. These chicken dishes are rich in their taste and charming in their looks.

Indian vegetables

You can also try out different kinds of Indian vegetables like shahi paneer, chili tikka, gobhi ki sabji, capsicum, dam aalu, malai Koftay and so on. These are the dishes that are going to give you a great time for sure.

Bukhara Indian bistro


This is a south Indian dish and is popular for its variety and taste. You can find simple to rich; all types of dosas. There are simple masala dosa, aalu dosa, vegetable dosa, cheese dosa, chicken dosa, onion dosa and so on. These dosas are often served with different chatnis like green chatni, coconut chatni, and red chatni and so on.

So, when are you going to taste these different snacks and dishes? You can even explore specific dishes in the Kashmir Restaurant or other restaurants of your choice. When a food menu can instantly make you feel good about yourself and your life then why to look elsewhere!

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