Ordering Online Food in Train

online food order in train

The train journey is a stress buster and overloaded with benefits including social communication, absolute fun, and creation of memories to cherish forever. The fun to traveling doubles when healthy and tasty food accompanies people right at their berth. During train travels, food’s quality and availability are the main concerns for which every traveler expresses their annoyance. Passengers’ resentment and dissatisfaction towards the pantry car food is visible nowadays, as the food prepared in there or food items sold at the station are unfit and unhealthy for consumption. This breaks the pleasant mood of the passenger during their journey and urges them to find out for some other options to fill their belly with something hygienic and tasty along with to lift up their enthusiastic journey mood.

Food Delivery in Trains

If anyone ever thought of ordering freshly prepared vegetarian or non-vegetarian delights in the train, he can dial a phone number provided by online food providers, when dialed, can provide them with the food of their choice in the train. Now grab they can the meal and would love to enjoy from their desired restaurants on a journey. E-catering services in trains have made it possible for passengers to get healthy and hygienic food at their berth. They typically work on a competitive strategy model which aims for customer satisfaction as their end motive. Thus, passengers can call at the provided phone number to order their favorite foods and get it delivered at their seat.

Order Food Online in Train

Every passenger is allotted with a PNR number printed on the top left corner of the ticket by Indian Railway Service. Any passenger who wants online food order in train can visit their website or download their application from Google Play Store. Enter the PNR number in the given space and check the list of vendors and food available en route. Select the vendor and food a passenger wants to order. The selected food items will be added in the cart with a total bill reflected on the screen. Click the checkout option and after that will be landed to the payment page. Select the appropriate payment gateway. One can pay a bill online by debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and lots of other options. Anyone wants to play offline? Then choose Cash on Delivery option. Then, sit back and relax. Let the train reach chosen the station, and one’s ordered food will be served at their berth.

online food order in train

Mobile Application which works without Internet

Some mobile applications are there, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It works even in the offline mode, so passengers don’t need even internet services while traveling. Download those Android and IOS application to ease one’s food ordering process. So, if anyone is planning to travel either long or short journey, no need to worry because online food provider will serve, good quality food in train.       


If anyone loves train journey and crave for some luscious and flavourful food platter served hot and fresh right at their berth, it’s the time to choose to order food online in a train.

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