Learn how to file for a patent for the year 2020

If you have a patent, then you have the ability to own a product or any other kind of invention to yourself. To file a patent application in your country, you don’t need a working prototype, but you need more than just an idea. Essentially you need to be able to explain your invention in enough words and drawings so that someone in the field can make it. If you are thinking of patent nasıl alınır, then know this that you cannot get a patent if your invention has been on sale for over a year, has been in public use or known to others for over a year. Or even if it has been described in a publication and that is including the internet.

What you need to do


Do a search

There are almost 10 million issued patents alone and currently, over half a million patent applications are filed each year. Even if you have not seen your id on the market on Amazon or through a quick google search, it does not mean that there is not a patent for it! You have to do a tour search to see what is out there and whether your idea is patentable.

how to file a patent


Decide whether your invention is worth patenting

If your search results came back promising, signing and invention is still a business decision. Ideally, you can do some market research and test the market before you invest a lot of time and money on your invention. However, you want to have some sort of protection before putting your product on the market. If you are not sure, whether your products will be successful, maybe you can look into filing a provisional patent application and test your product in the year 2020.

Step 3

Choose the correct sort of application

If you are trying to protect your functionality, then you need a utility patent. Maybe you are trying to protect the unique look or feel or even the appearance of your products, in that case, you will need to file for a design patent. You could even file for both on the same product and get even broader protection. If you are not sure whether a product will be successful. Maybe look into filing a provisional patent application and test your product.

Step 4

Waiting for a decision from the USPTO

Essentially you have to wait before you get your first communication from the USPTO. This is also known as an office action. Typically a rejection for utility patent at that point you can either make arguments as to why you disagree with the examiner. Or, you can even change your claims to overcome the rejections or maybe do both. But as soon as you file for a patent application you can start using the term ‘patent pending’ on your invention if your patent is granted then congratulations, you need to strategize on how to enforce and monetize your invention. If it is not granted you can either continue the examination process or appeal their decision.

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