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Momo is a traditional delicacy from Nepal and it looks typically round in shape with a lot of vegetables and meat stuffed in it.

When one looks into the momo restaurant menu, they can find varieties of shapes, sizes and stuffing for momos these days. Also, momo is mainly served along with varieties of dipping sauce and a base of tomato sometimes. Here are some popular varieties of momos that one can try.

Steamed Momo

This is the very basic momo preparation and it is found in most cafes and restaurants at almost every corner of the world. They are juicy and scrumptious and filled with either boiled vegetables or with minced meats. Then they are prepared by putting it in a dumpling steamer. One can have them with sauce dipping or with a bowl of hot chicken broth.

Kothey Momo

This variety of momo is half steamed and half fried. They are mainly made in the elongated shape. The filling of this momo can wither be meat like pork, chicken or beef or it can be varieties of boiled vegetables.

Chilly Momo

This one is perfect for those who love to have some spice in their food. They are mainly made and dipped in some spicy and hot sauce. But again, this is not for the faint-hearted and one can only have it if they love having spicy things.

Fried and Steam fried Momo

It is actually a crunchy version of steamed momos and they are first steamed and then fried. This version of momo is a bit oily and so if one is health conscious then this one is not for them.

Jhol Momo

The word ‘jhol’ means liquid and so this type of momos has liquid-like consistency. They are mainly drowned in a bowl of sauce which is locally known as jhol achaar. It also has a very spicy and tangy twist to it. One can have it with a burst of flavors.

Open Momo

There are many momo restaurants and joint which experiments with momo recipes and open momo is a result of that. These momo wraps mainly have four openings and one can put an assortment of fillings in both.

 Tandoori Momo

This is a very Indian version of momo recipe. Here the texture of the dish is very rich and one can use some varieties of fillings in them. One can also pair it up with some spicy sauces.

Green Momo

The major ingredient to make this momo is spinach and they are blended well in the dough. As a result of the color of the momo surface automatically becomes green. All those, who love vegetables and like to go green in everything; this momo recipe is just perfect for them.

Fish Momo

As the name suggests, the major ingredient or filling for this momo is steamed fish and so it is a must try for all the fish addicts.

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