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Android File Transfer-not-working

Now days almost 75 -80% people have their own PC and systems. But still, there are people who use their smartphones as the basic source of storing of data and information. And it’s now too much easy to transfer files between Android devices. It just depends upon the location you are in and the capability of your android devices. It doesn’t need the internet to transfer file between your android devices.

Today I am going to share some handy tips on how to impeccably transfer files between Android devices. Through these below processes, you can easily transfer files.

Via SHAREit:

Android File Transfer

This one is the most usable app nowadays. It is a familiar app through which you can send loads of data, huge size videos and documents etc within very less time period. So the step by step process of how to do the file transfer in android using SHAREit is as follows:

  1. Go to Google Play Store, find SHAREit app, download and install it.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. On the home screen of that app, you will find some option. Before accessing those make sure that the same is opened in receiver’s device.
  4. In sender’s device click on send icon and in receiver’s device click on receive icon.
  5. Then in sender’s device, you will switch to a screen containing the files in a specified manner, there choose the files like apps, documents, videos, photos, music etc. you want to transfer and hit on send option located below. That will switch to a screen where you will find the receivers account info and click on the icon that will start the transfer.
  6. Wait till it’s finished and disconnect the app.
  7. That’s all.

Via CLONEit:

CLONEit is one of my favorite application for data transfer from Android to Android. The user interface of this application is very simple. Very Easily do complicated work DATA TRANSFER.  Follow below instructions:

  1. Install the CLONEit application in Data Receiver and Data Sender smartphone.
  2.  After installation, Open the App on SENDER DEVICE, click on the SENDER.
  3. Then Open the App on RECEIVER DEVICE, Click on the RECEIVER.
  4. After the SENDER, RECEIVER process, Receiver Device system takes few seconds for finding sender.
  5. Then you Check on the Receiver device screen, You will be seen the one Sender.
  6. Click on the Sender icon.
  7. Then you Select the ITEMS which you want to transfer (Contacts, Photos, settings, Videos, Documents and more other data).
  8. Then Click on Send, System automatically transfer 100% Data folder by folder.
  9. After Data Transfer, Click on Finish.

Via NFC:

  1. First of all, check your device is NFC (Near-Field Communication) enabled or not.  For that, your device will be having Android 4.1 or higher OS. And go to settings, and in connection option, find NFC settings and there you have to enable the Android beam option.
  2. Check the same with your friend’s device to whom you are going to share files. If NFC is turned off, then make sure to turn on that.
  3. After enabling of NFC option in both of the device, go to the file manager on sender’s device, then select the files that you want to send to the receiver’s device.
  4. After that click on the share icon or share menu and hit android beam option there.
  5. Keep those two devices very close to each other.
  6. A pop-up message “Touch to beam” will show up on the sender’s device. Hit on that. Then it will start the transfer.

Via Superbeam:

For this process of android file transfer, you need to download the app from Google play store.

  1. Go to Google play store and search for superbeam app, download and install that.
  2. Launch the app in both the devices.
  3. Then you will find the scan QR code under send category in sender’s device, at that time open the QR code under receive category in receiver’s device. Scan the QR code and make sure both the devices are running on the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Once the device connected, in the sender’s device, choose the files you want to share and hit on send option. The file will start the transfer.  That’s finished.

How to fix error in android file transfer: Step by Step:

Via Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is the most common way of file transfer. It is already available on mobile phones. Hence, you don’t have to install any apps from Google Play Store. Below are some steps through which you can access Bluetooth for sharing files in android.

  1. First of all, go to your phone settings, you will find an option like connections or Connected device (As it differs from one phone to another), there you will find a Bluetooth option.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth in both sender and receiver’s device.
  3. Then it will search the active device.
  4. If you had connected to the receiver’s phone via Bluetooth before, then you will find receiver’s Bluetooth name on the paired device list. It’s easy to hit on the paired device and connect that and start the file transfer.
  5. If you are newly connected to the receiver’s phone, it will show by searching.
  6. Again a pop-up menu will show to confirm passcode. Give a passcode and tell the passcode to the receiver so that he/she will enter the same passcode in his/her device. Once confirmed. It’s all set up and now the time for transferring files.
  7. Select files and share via Bluetooth.
  8. It has the limitation that it takes too much time to transfer files.

Through the above steps, you can easily transfer any of your files in android.

How to fix if Android file transfer not working:

You searched this so you must have problems with file transfer in your android device. Don’t worry; you are in the right place. There are innumerable causes why your Android device is not capable of transferring of the file.

  • Your Android device is not supported.
  • Your Android device is not compatible.
  • The feature of the transfer of the file is disabled on your android device.
  • Your USB cable is malfunctioning and imperfect.

Here I am going to share some ideas of how to fix file transfer errors in android through which you will get solutions for your problems. Let’s start.

Check the connected USB Cable:

If you are getting problem while transferring file, ensure that you are connected your device with a working USB cable. It is mostly recommended that always try with your original USB cable which is provided along with your Android device. There are most of the duplicate USB cable which is not perfectly working and if working then there most probably an existing problem. Sometimes the cable head is loose which creates frequent disconnection that leads to not transfer of files or in between transfer of files. So the solution is to always use the original USB cable in case of android file transfer. It will help to solve the problem.

  • Enable file transfer on Android Device:

If the existing error is not solving by exchanging the USB cable, then this may be the next step towards your solution. First of all properly connect your original USB cable to your Android device. Unlock your phone. Go to the notification bar, there you will find an option of USB connectivity. Click on that, which will switch to some options. There you have to enable “File Transfer” option to start the data transfer.

  • Reinstalling Android File Transfer:

Old apps don’t give the required work and good performance. With the updated version, it fixes bugs and errors and gives a decent look to the app as well as it gives more updated features. And it also corrupts the older version of apps; sometimes it also crashes the app and shows “app is not working”, “wait for some time” like this. So check whether the app android file transfer is of the latest version. If it is not with the latest version then update the software and reinstall the android file transfer app. Hope it will fix your error.

Update Android OS on your device:

With an older version of the operating system some apps as well as some features not working. So always update your device to the latest software and firmware. When it gives an error of file transfer in your android device, make sure to have a check on your device that it’s up to date or not. If it’s up to date, then it’s okay but if it is not, then you should update your device OS to the latest firmware. With the latest OS, it may be compatible with the transfer of files in android and it will resolve the problem.

  • Activate USB Debugging:

In the case of consent data and file transmission between your Android device and computer, it is required to allow USB debugging. Without enabling this USB debugging feature, your PC will not identify your android device.  So if you are bothering with the android file transfer error and need to fix it, then the first option is to activate or enable USB debugging on your Android device.  To do so, you have to go through some small steps:

On your Android device, switch to Settings, scroll down and find the System option, by hitting that it will display some submenus, from those find About Phone option, and hit on that. There, at last, you will see an option of Build Number. Tap continuously approx. 7 – 8 times on the build number and it will display a message you are now a Developer. Now go one step back and there you will find Developer Options, click on that and under debugging menu you will find USB Debugging option, just enable that. It’s all done.

            These are some ways through which you can fix the error in android file transfer.

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