Advantages of Using Colored Glass for Windows & Sliding Doors at Home

colored glass window

In recent times the use of glass materials as part of our home décor has become a norm as most people now rather prefer the use of glass in some strategic places to the use of tiles or marbles. The eye unique effect that comes with the presence of a well-designed plain glass frame or material in our homes is second to none. Now throw in some color or permit me to say stain or tint on that glass and just like that you have enhanced the entire attractiveness of your house.

Colored glass or Tint glass may seem like a new trend, yes maybe in its use in our homes, but for centuries it had been used for gigantic glass windows in the Catholic Church as was very expensive to afford to make it very rare. However Colored glass or Tint glass is now seen in a variety of places both in schools and other fanciful buildings and it doesn’t matter the detail in design you are looking out for, a Colored glass will always stand out as it gives your home that standout look from the others in the vicinity.

colored glass window

The use of colored Tint glass in our homes as windows or sliding doors is dependent on the individuals choice, especially if you are one that has an eye for class and beauty or you just want to create that eye-catchy feeling in the environment, take for example matching the colors of the glass window or doors with that of the painting in the house or the cottons would add that extra sense of beauty and attractiveness to the home, it gives the building an entirely different look that is more inviting to the eyes.

There are a host of advantages that come with using a tinted glass or colored glass as sliding doors or windows in our homes and one of which is the value of the building if peradventure you wish to sell that building in the future. Yes, asides enhancing the beauty of the building and making it stand out, a colored or tint glass window and door would most definitely increase the value of the building.

It is also very important to have a professional carry out the installation of this glass, this way you ensure you get the value for what you want and also have the right questions answered regarding cleaning and maintenance.

Looking More into the Advantages of Installing a Colored or Tinted Glass Window and Door, Here Are a Few Below That Are Worth Knowing:

  1. Heat Reduction: during the summer when the weather is really warm, if you are using the regular glass window or door, the heat from the sun increases the temperature in the building, but with a colored or tint glass installed, the temperature generated from heat of the sun is decreased and spreads an even and consistent temperature throughout the rooms in your home. It may also shock you to know that tinted or colored glass help protect in-house furniture and appliances, ultraviolet light plays a large role in fading most household valuables.
  2. Sun Protection: One can get sunburnt just by sitting close to a window in which the sun is directly shining through, also research has it that the skin’s direct contact with UV light is the major cause of non-melanoma skin cancer. Furthermore, using a plain glass can lead to damaged eyesight if there is a constant reflection of sunlight on non-tinted glass windows, thus having a door or window tint would help reduce the risk of getting sunburn, skin cancer and damage to the eyes as well.
  3. Increased privacy/security: The use of a tinted window helps increase some level of privacy in the building and also helps with security such that an intruder on first glance can’t have a view of what is on the other side of the window or door thus making breaking an entry a bit more difficult.
  4. Glass breakage safety: what this means is, whatever the cause for your window or glass to break, as long as it’s a tint or colored glass it helps to hold the glass together so it doesn’t scatter across the room, thus prevented unnecessary injuries from broken glass.
  5. Style: we can’t forget the luxury or poise if I must say, that the installation of colored or tint glass adds to any given building. Now using it for your front door and window, depending on the color you choose can go a long way in sending a message to whoever comes visiting because your front door is the first point of contact for visitors.
  6. Easy to maintain: these type of glasses are water and stain resistant, which automatically makes cleaning and maintaining a lot easier to achieve it all depends on the type and color you go for, also have it at the back of your mind that different types of tints may require different cleaning substances, knowing the right one will also assist in not just cleaning but it maintained its quality.

colored glass window

The main purpose of this article is to discuss the advantages of using colored glass for windows & sliding doors at home. However, most things that have advantages also have disadvantages. And though the advantages in this article by far outnumber the disadvantages, I would like to share these few disadvantages. There are but a few disadvantages to using colored glass for windows and doors in our home as seen below;

  • Low light: The use of tinted glass will reduce the amount of light that enters the building or room, making the place a bit dark and can be uncomfortable for some people who like to have a view of their surroundings without having to step outside or even for people who have issues with sight.
  • Unclear view: as long as you have a colored glass window or door in place, it in a way obstructs one’s view and make your vision unclear in some areas where light has been greatly blocked from reaching.
  • Excessive use: Now the idea behind colored glass installation is to achieve the above-mentioned advantages, but in any case where it is used throughout the entire building may simply take away that attractive, unique elegance and end up creating an unattractive look.

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